Hardware Consulting

Hardware Consulting

The Right Hardware Makes your Business Run Better

  • Hardware Inventory
  • Hardware Purchase recommendations
  • Cost effective hardware upgrades
  • Installation and set up
  • Maintaining hardware, Servers, PCs, Laptops, routers, switches, printers
  • Onsite and Online PC repair
  • Mac repair and support
  • Remove viruses and spywares
  • Operating system setup and upgrades
  • Make your computer run faster
  • Networking, wireless, & VoIP setup and configuration.
  • WI FI set up and support
  • Security and firewall setup and installation
  • Software installations and removals
  • Add new device to your computer

About us

Buying vs Building a PC

buy a computer

Buying vs Building a PC

PC support is easier to obtain. No problems with hardware compatibility. Better warranties and accidental damage coverage. Advanced skills aren’t required.

Buying a PC Advantages

  • Out of the box solution when customization is not necessary
  • No issues with hardware and software compatibility
  • Better warranties and accidental damage coverage
  • Single point of contact for support issues
  • Some software is pre-loaded
  • PC Support is easier to obtain
  • No advanced skills are required

Buying a PC Disadvantages

  • Tends to be higher in cost
  • Less customization
  • Less familiarity with internal components
  • More difficult to upgrade without buying new PC

build a computer

Building a PC

Customize for your computing needs. Nearly limitless choices for hardware. Need technical knowledge of PCs. Troubleshooting is easier due to familiarity with components. Cheaper to build high-end systems.

Building a PC pros

  • Customize your computing needs
  • Limitless choice for hardware and capabilities
  • Cheaper to build and upgrade high end systems
  • Troubleshooting is easier due to familiarity with components
  • System tune-up


Specialty Hardware
High Resolution/Graphics for
Design Programs and Gaming

  • Fully customized computers with higher quality parts built to your specifications on resolution, speed and needs at a lower price than manufacturer boxed PCs.
  • We use all off-shelf parts to make sure your computer is upgradeable for the future, protecting your investment and saving you money in the long run.
  • Architects and Engineers using Auto CAD and sophisticated high resolution software will benefit from the ability to upgrade parts to keep up with latest technology instead of replacing costly computers or working with older software.